When asked as a child, what she wanted to be, Pam always responded with two choices- a ballerina or an artist. The artistic side won out and she has been painting and selling her work in the area for many years.
As a young artist Pam exhibited at many venues and won several first place honours but put her passion aside to raise a family with only a few works being produced for 40 years.
Landscapes, still life florals, animals and imagined scenes have all been part of her portfolio in a variation of styles and mediums. Oils, Ink and wash, Pastels, Acrylics, and oil pastels are all given a place in her studio. When Pam decides on a subject it speaks to her and determines what medium she will use.
Upon retirement her artistic talents were given free reign and the amount of work produced in the almost seven years has been amazing. During that time she has exhibited locally and in 2018 took second place in the Rose Festival Art Show People's Choice Award.
It was during this show that speaking to other area artists made it clear that a Welland Art group with community based events was sorely needed and with Deedee Alexandre (a fellow artist) Pam co-founded the Visual Artists of Welland. The group is new but the enthusiasm is great and success seems to be in the group's future if momentum continues.
In 2019 Pam received the Citizen of the Year Award for Arts and Culture from MP for Niagara Centre - Vance Badawey which she shared with Deedee Alexandre. In 2022 and 2023, Pam was awarded the Top Local Artist Peoples Choice Award for Welland through the Niagara This Week Publication. She is also in the top 10 nominees for Top Local Welland Artist for Welland Tribune People's Choice Award for 2023.
Due to Covid 19 most of the shows planned for 2020 were cancelled but as they are slowly returning she looks forward to a better future along with all the other artists waiting for better times.

Her work is on display and for sale at the Seaway Mall, Visual Artists of Welland Gallery until further notice.